Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Dinner at Adelaide Shores RV Park

Christmas Day was  beautiful here at Adelaide Shores RV Park.  The weather was typical central Florida weather, sunny and 75’.  I must say, for Christmas I prefer colder weather.  Judy and I joined about three hundred other park guest and friends at the clubhouse for Christmas dinner.  The park owners provided the turkeys for the meal.  The turkey and dressing was cooked by volunteers on the dinner committee, Guest were asked to bring a dish. Judy took a Banana Split pie and a vegetable dish. Like last year there was more than enough.  It was sooo gooood!  All guest provided their table setting and beverage, making cleanup much easier on the volunteers.

Socializing before the meal                          Dessert Table

AS 248 CD 13 A    AS 248 CD 13 B

Our Table (I told Judy not to bring wine)

AS 248 CD 13 C

Even a simulated fireplace

AS 248 CD 13 D

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