Friday, December 13, 2013

Adelaide Shores Update 12-13-13

This week Judy has been sidelined from playing tennis as a result of a pulled muscle or strain. She has decided to go have a “specialist” take a look at it today.  That is why I play shuffleboard, not much physical exertion! 
We went to “pizza night” at the clubhouse last evening. It was a good opportunity to see a lot of people that we had not seen yet. Jim and Dee along with our new neighbors, Dave and Ricki joined us.
Nice Sunset
AS 245 sunset over pool
Wednesday night about 2:00 AM someone drove a truck through the back perimeter vinyl fence (8ft high) near the maintenance shop. Even though our lot is close by, Judy and I slept through it. The police were called and they think the culprits got spooked when the burglar alarm went off and they panicked and drove through the fence.

Judy and I received a heads-up email from the “Parks Coordinator” for the campground we are looking to work at this summer that the official position notification was posted.  He also included the link to the online application so we have now officially applied. We are interested in the campground near Madras, OR. on Lake Simtustus. There is also another CG about 35 miles from Portland that would also work for us. Maybe we will know something within a week or two. 
That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by:
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  1. You guys are having a good time there!

  2. All the fun you are having is making you sleep soundly! Keep it up!

  3. Great sunset photo. Fingers crossed that you land the perfect workamping position in Oregon.