Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bridgett Update - A Happy Ending

The last time Judy and I saw Bridgett was the morning we fed her on Sept. 12th just before we pulled out of Blanton Creek.  We knew Keith and Merle would be returning to the park after they returned from FL a couple of days later.  We left Bridgett more than enough dry dog food for the few days in between.  ( To read the original Bridgett blog post, CLICK.)

When Bridgett showed up at the park she would keep her distance from anyone that tried to get close to her. Keith and Merle worked for at least a month and a half to win her trust. The took on the role of Bridgett's custodians throughout this time bringing her food daily when they came into the park to walk Suzie, their Yorkie.  It wasn't long before Bridgett was following at a distance as they did their morning walk.  A few days before we left she was letting Keith and Merle pat her. They wanted to fully gain her trust before they attempted to get her into their car.

Judy spoke with Merle a couple of weeks ago and was informed that Bridgett was now a member of their household. Merle told Judy when the day came that they were going to attempt to get Bridgett into the car, she just hopped right in! The first stop was a two day visit to the vet to be cleaned-up and checked out.  The vet informed them that Bridgett had heart worms, but the condition was treatable. They have her on an aggressive treatment plan.

Merle said Bridgett has adapted well to being a new member of the family and enjoys her own doggie bed. She said potty training has not been a problem at all.  They all go to the park for the daily walk about!

I just love a happy ending.

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  1. I love happy endings. Thanks for the update. Good for you for taking an interest and good for Merle and Keith for not giving up!!!