Friday, October 18, 2013

Day Trip–Beaufort, NC.

Judy and I accompanied Jim & Dee and his mom, Ms. Alberta to the seaside town of Beaufort, NC today. Jim’s sister Sharon and husband Jim joined us for lunch at a local seafood restaurant.
We had a slight hold up on the way to the waterfront.
226 bridge
The first stop was the Beaufort Maritime Museum.  Jim said it had been upgraded a lot since his last visit. Many exhibits highlighted the local fishing industry over the years.
226 shark wall

   226 Shrimp Trawler
Black Beard's pirate ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge was located in 1996 about a mile and a quarter off shore. An extensive artifact recovery effort has been underway since its discovery. Many of the recovered artifacts are on display. Very little of the wooden ship’s structure survived the last couple of hundred years (sank in 1718) in 125 feet of water.
Replica of Queen Anne’s Revenge              Recovery Exhibit
226 QAR model    226 recovery of artifacts
226 Judy and BB
After leaving the museum we took an ice cream break before taking a look at the waterfront.
226 waterfront
We took a small shopping break also. One of the shops had a sale going on (don’t they all) so Judy bought us a new pair of Crocs and her some clothing.
226 shopping
Once we were through with our walkabout we went to Sharon and Jim’s home to visit awhile.
That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. We really enjoy the charm of Beaufort and have been there a few times. Last year we checked out the Maritime Museum and thought it was really interesting. Of course spending time in Beaufort with Jim and Dee would make it even more fun!

  2. What restaurant did you guys eat lunch? We like Beaufort and have visited every time we stay at Emerald Isle, which has been almost every year since 2000. We enjoy eating at Claussen's.