Thursday, May 23, 2013

House Sale Update 02

Judy and I are back at Blanton Creek for our weekly shift.  We are about 15 days from our closing date.  I hope there are no hick-ups with the sale of the house. As far as we know the process is moving right along.

Jet Ski Lift "Sold"

We brought  a lot of stuff up to the RV with us.  It is probably too much stuff.  If it is, we will just trash it.  Once we return for our final week, we will get the house cleaned up. Most of the remaining stuff is going to the dump, left for the new owners or delivered to a charity.

Judy has arranged with her sister and brother to store a few boxes each.  I only have a few personal papers and my guns to decide what to do with. I found it easier to not look through boxes of memorabilia before trashing it. Some of it has been boxed up for years anyway.

Judy made arrangements with Direct TV to have a tech come out to the park to replace the regular box with a DVR.  The tech explained that the DVR is limited to recording only one program at a time and that while recording we can't watch a different channel. The reason for this is that there is only one lan line. It will not receive HD programing even though it is a HD DVR because our Travler SAT system and SlimLine ant. must be upgraded to HD. I will have this checked out when we leave here after Labor Day.

We received an emergency call on the park phone this AM at 2:45 from a camper having a medical emergency.  They had already called 911.  I got up and unlocked the park gate and opened it.  The paramedics arrived about 12 minutes later.  The camper had low sugar.  The paramedics stabilized the camper. The responders left the park at 4:00 AM. I'll probably need a nap to day.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. It gets easier as you get rid of things. Before you know it, you'll be driving away with good memories!

  2. You may not need a new antenna. If your TV is 32 inch or smaller, it is probably 720p which isn't true high def. True high def requires a 1080p TV.


  3. You're getting close to full timing!!

    I'm glad the camper was ok. That's so scary being out camping and having trouble.

  4. Jim, something sounds fishy on the DirecTV thing. I thought they'd solved the old "two-wire" problem by now. As far as I know recording two shows requires two tuners in the DVR box, not two wires. I know my DISH network setup only has one wire, and we can record two shows simultaneously, or record one and watch another (or record two and watch a recorded show). Recommend you get a second opinion, or maybe check on what DISH might offer. Cheers! Jim

  5. You are probably right. The tech that came out is a "residential" guy. When we leave here we are going to check with someone that services RVs, like Camping World or a RV dealership that does RV Sat. instalation