Friday, May 3, 2013

Down Week at Home

The trip home Tue went well but my string of bad luck had started a few days earlier. My dental crown popped off about three days before we left for home. My dentist worked me in on Wed. Judy and I don't have dental insurance since leaving the workforce so we pay as we go. The cost of  having it reattached was $99.00

The weather has continued to limit the number and types of outside projects I can do.  This is frustrating me a lot. Thursday I decided to try to cut the grass before the rain arrives Fri. That didn't workout because my Cub Cadet mower's blade drive belt broke.  By the time I get it into the shop and have to have my lawn cut the cost will be close to $150.00

This AM as I was going to take my mower into the shop I had another setback.  When I started my Ram 3500 dually it would not shift into Drive. It would only go into D4. I spent the next couple of hours arranging to have it transported to the Dodge dealership in Dublin, GA sixty-five miles away. I must admit that Geico Roadside Assistance was very helpful. The Dodge service dept. called me after they localized the problem to inform me that the transmission valve body would have to be replaced.  I have no idea what that is. The failure may have been caused by lack of operation. I don't drive the truck much when I am not pulling the fifth wheel. I will drive the truck at least 25 miles a week once I get it back. Cost: $1140.00. Ouch.

Ram 3500 Transmission Valve Body

I am going to end with more positive news.  I did a nest check on my Purple Martin colony and found many eggs. The average number of eggs is five. So it won't be long before there will be nest full of babies.

Babies Soon

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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    1. Not to mention the black cat that ran across the road in front of my car!!

  2. Wow, it's all hitting at the same time. To bad about the mower, once the house is sold you'll no longer need a mower. I hope things get back to normal quickly and no more problems.

  3. It happens in 3's! Hopefully that will be all for now :-)