Saturday, May 18, 2013

House Sale Update 01

Thanks to everyone who have left comments and encouragements, Judy and I have really enjoyed them.

Things are moving along quickly and smoothly towards our house closing date.  Judy and I have been sifting through things we have collected throughout our thirty nine years of marriage.

We have systematically gone through each room and sorting items into three piles,( a.) stuff we are taking on the RV,( b.) stuff to give away and( c.) stuff going to the dump. Judy did not want have a garage sale.  So family members and friends have had a chance to pick a lot of stuff out.  Two of our nephews went through my tools today and they did not leave much!  Other family members will be going through household items tomorrow.

Did I really keep my Navy Hat since I retired in 1995 (18 yrs)?

I have sold all of our big ticket items since Tue. I sold my 1999 Honda Accord, bass boat, and I just delivered my pontoon to its new owner today.  For the first time in fifteen years I don't own a boat.  I sold my chain saw and gas powered weed trimmer to the man that cuts our grass when we are on the road. I think we are going to meet our deadline even though we still have a lot to do.

I'll post an update after we return to the park.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
Next post: After Tue.


  1. The hardest thing I had to give up to go full time was selling the sailboat.

  2. Oh I sure remember the piles. It isn't an easy process, but you'll feel so much better when it's all finished!

  3. We were boatless for a while...but it didn't last long. Sounds like things are progressing well.

  4. Congrats on moving right along. It's a great relief when it's all done and you're free! We're so excited for you.