Monday, April 22, 2013

Restful Off Week

Judy and I returned home Thurs. AM after bidding goodbye to Jim and Dee at the park.  We needed to be home before the weekend so we could do the things one has to do when trying to sell a house.  Once home Judy freshened up the inside and I did the yard work. Lot of good that it did, not.

We enjoyed sitting out on the screened porch or at the boathouse watching wildlife and just taking in the scenery living on a beautiful lake provides. The Purple Martins dazzle us with their flying acrobatics and their communal living rituals. Most have paired up and started preparing their gourd or apt for babies.  Our resident Osprey patrols the area  looking for a meal. Friday the Osprey dropped down from the sky only four feet from the seawall and made a huge splash. When it returned to flight it was clutching the "catch of the day." Now, that would have been a great picture.

Sunday was movie day. Judy and I decided to go see "Oblivion" instead of "42".  I'm sure we will see "42" later.  "Oblivion" is a scifi thriller/action movie. It was entertaining and held our attention. It could use a little more background development though. If you would like to see the trailer  Click.

Judy and I don't really have any plans for today. We are looking forward to heading back to the park Tue.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Does sound like a restful day for sure. There are sure a lot of birds here in our park mating and nesting too.

  2. You need to put some pictures of the house for sale and the back yard to the waterfront. Ya never know who might see it. Put For Sale as the header and it will come up in searching engines.

    Back to Blanton tomorrow that's a quick week.

  3. I'm hearing mixed reviews on that movie and am wondering if the story line may be a bit hard to follow.