Friday, April 5, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away!

Like many of our blogger friends we are ready to have some sunny weather. Since returning home it has rained constantly. The weekend forecast is promising.

The weather is making it difficult to get our spring yard work completed. This is particularly frustrating because we have put our house back on the market and we have four or five projects we want to get done. All of the projects are outside and can't be done in the rain.  I also need to replace the damaged purple martin pole the house and gourds are on.

Judy and I will be going into Macon for her dermatologist appointment this morning. Anytime we drive into Macon it seems to kill the entire day. Maybe we will get a movie in.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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Our boss informed us that if a camper refuses to acknowledge responsibility for their guest we are authorized to give them two options;
(1.) They can take responsibility for their guest
(2.) They can pack-up and leave the park- we will give them a refund for unused nights.

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  1. I hope the weather gets drier and warmer. We leave on Wednesday, headed your way.