Monday, April 8, 2013

My Wish Came True

At least one wish did come true, the one about having nicer weather.  I am still waiting on the ones for winning the lottery and world peace.

I was able to get a lot of my annual yard work completed Sat. After picking up a cart full of limbs and branches the recent high winds deposited around my front and back yards.  I then used my Cub Cadet mower on the next to the lowest cutting level to even out the grass prior to applying the spring weed & feed fertilizer application. My final lawn prep was the application of granulated insect preventer. I really enjoy my riding mower with the assortment of lawn attachments that makes lawn work easier and quicker. I finished up the day's work by activating the lawn irrigation system.  I always drain the pump  and lines in Nov. to prevent possible cold  weather  damage.  I set the system for 45 minutes and watered in the lawn fertilizer I had applied earlier.

Sunday I replaced the pontoon's cranking battery but did not use it.  I may take Judy out today though. Judy opted to stay home Sunday but I wanted to go to the nearby gun range.  I arrived there at 3:45 and it was crowded. I had not been to a range in six months. I fired three sets of five shots to warm up. My final set was 15 rounds of rapid fire with my Glock 9mm Gen4.  When I fire a hand gun I set the target at 27-30 ft. I was pleased that I put 12 of 15 rounds in the 8in. diameter black area of the target. within 45 seconds.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Your post brought back memories of our place in Georgia. We so loved it there in April.

  2. It is truely spring now with the dogwoods in bloom. Hope you and Al make it up this way.