Friday, February 27, 2015

PGE Workamper Get Together

Apache Junction, AZ.   75H/54L

Tuesday, Rose and Terry hosted us along with fellow PGE workampers Richard & Judy and Larry & Marge over to their home for a wonderful get together.  We enjoyed some very good pot-luck dishes and caught up with what everyone has been doing since the close of the PGE’s parks in Sept.

Arizona is a prime “snowbird” destination for many workamper RVers. Rose and Terry have a home just 15 miles from Judy and I.  Richard & Judy and Larry & Marge spend the winter in the same park in Florence, AZ only forty miles away. We will all be heading back to our respective PGE parks in Oregon within a month or so.

PGE Workamper get together

Roses 2A      roses 4A

Larry & Marge provided the music  LarryMarge A

Roses 3A

Judy and I had time to participate a mixed doubles shuffleboard tournament sponsored by our park, Superstition Sunrise. There were many very good players in the tournament. While Judy and I did not make it to the finals, we did advance further than I did last week.

Judy and I had fun as “doubles partners!

tornament sign       tournament troph

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Friday, February 20, 2015

“Do It, Done It” Shuffleboard Tournament

Apache Junction, AZ. 48L-78H

This week I played in my first shuffleboard tournament here in Arizona,  the “ Do it, Done It.” I thought this would be a good tournament because it pairs experienced tournament players (Done Its) with players new (Do Its) to tournament play.

The venue for the tournament was at The Las Palmas Grand 55+ retirement community. This was a doubles tournament and forty teams entered. Many of the players were ranked at the state and national level.  My teammate Cheryl and I played our best but we fell short. I learned a lot from her and took all of her advice to heart. Over the four days of the event I saw some very good shuffleboard play.

Five teams from our park entered the contest. Connie (Done It) and Moe (Do It)  managed to make to the finals. Out of the forty teams they captured second place in the tournament. Well done to Connie and Moe!  Next week our park will sponsor a mixed couples tournament. Judy and I will be playing as partners.

Here are a few pics.

Action on the boards                               Judy taking in the action

do it Tourn 2 A       Do it Judy A

Players from the park (minus Cheryl and me (couldn’t take pics while playing))

Connie do it Connie A      Moe do it Moe A

   Tom  do it Tom A      Dick  do it Dick L A


  Paul  Do it  Paul A     Scott   do it Scott A

2nd Place Winners, Moe and Connie:  Connie Moe 1

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day Trip: Tortilla Flat, AZ

Apache Junction, AZ  / 56L-80H

Thursday Judy and I took a short day trip to the Superstition Saloon located nearby in Tortilla Flat, AZ.  We were informed that this is one of the “Must Do(s)”  The drive took back to the Apache Trail for a short distance.

Tortilla Flat consist of one restaurant, gift shop, candy shoppe, and a mercantile store. It is basically a tourist stop. The Superstition Saloon restaurant is known for its good food and atmosphere.  There were plenty of visitors the day we stopped by and we had a 30 min wait.  Judy and I were pleased with our choice for lunch.

Here are a few pics

tort flat map      Tortilla-Flat bridge A

Tortilla Flat restaurant ASONY DSC       tortilla Flat meal

tortilla flat meal B

Superstition Saloon Yelp review

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Update: Feb. 10th, 2015

Apache Junction, AZ / 56L 82H  Blue Skies and Sunny

The weather here continues to be awesome here in the east valley 25 miles from Phoenix.  I certainly know now why thousands of snowbirds flock here in such large concentrations. Of course the area has become home to many retirees who have opted to relocate here permanently, making this one of the fastest growing areas in the US.  The only noticeable difference I have noticed from our previous two years in Florida is that the temps are cooler at night.   It thought high winds would be a problem in regards to having the awning out, but that has been less of an issue than in FL.  It goes without saying that Judy and I have been warmly welcomed here.

Judy and I have stayed busy this week with the park routine.  We volunteered to call the “cards” for the Sunday “Card Bingo”.  Judy called and I picked up each table’s ante and delivered the winnings to each game winner.

I have been encourage to play in some of the numerous shuffleboard tournaments in the area. The level of competition is higher than the local park play. The game technique is much different than Florida due to the surface of the boards.  I’ll see how this works out in a week or so.

SSRVP SB1 A     SS Pool 1a

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