Friday, February 27, 2015

PGE Workamper Get Together

Apache Junction, AZ.   75H/54L

Tuesday, Rose and Terry hosted us along with fellow PGE workampers Richard & Judy and Larry & Marge over to their home for a wonderful get together.  We enjoyed some very good pot-luck dishes and caught up with what everyone has been doing since the close of the PGE’s parks in Sept.

Arizona is a prime “snowbird” destination for many workamper RVers. Rose and Terry have a home just 15 miles from Judy and I.  Richard & Judy and Larry & Marge spend the winter in the same park in Florence, AZ only forty miles away. We will all be heading back to our respective PGE parks in Oregon within a month or so.

PGE Workamper get together

Roses 2A      roses 4A

Larry & Marge provided the music  LarryMarge A

Roses 3A

Judy and I had time to participate a mixed doubles shuffleboard tournament sponsored by our park, Superstition Sunrise. There were many very good players in the tournament. While Judy and I did not make it to the finals, we did advance further than I did last week.

Judy and I had fun as “doubles partners!

tornament sign       tournament troph

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  1. I have two questions. What is a PGE workkamper? And what is the 75H/54L by Apache Junction at the top of the blog?


    1. JC,
      RVers that work (usually at a campground type facilities) are frequently called workampers. My wife and I worked at a Portland General Electric (PGE) campground last year from April-Sept. We will be going back in April to Pelton Park in Madras, Oregon.