Friday, February 20, 2015

“Do It, Done It” Shuffleboard Tournament

Apache Junction, AZ. 48L-78H

This week I played in my first shuffleboard tournament here in Arizona,  the “ Do it, Done It.” I thought this would be a good tournament because it pairs experienced tournament players (Done Its) with players new (Do Its) to tournament play.

The venue for the tournament was at The Las Palmas Grand 55+ retirement community. This was a doubles tournament and forty teams entered. Many of the players were ranked at the state and national level.  My teammate Cheryl and I played our best but we fell short. I learned a lot from her and took all of her advice to heart. Over the four days of the event I saw some very good shuffleboard play.

Five teams from our park entered the contest. Connie (Done It) and Moe (Do It)  managed to make to the finals. Out of the forty teams they captured second place in the tournament. Well done to Connie and Moe!  Next week our park will sponsor a mixed couples tournament. Judy and I will be playing as partners.

Here are a few pics.

Action on the boards                               Judy taking in the action

do it Tourn 2 A       Do it Judy A

Players from the park (minus Cheryl and me (couldn’t take pics while playing))

Connie do it Connie A      Moe do it Moe A

   Tom  do it Tom A      Dick  do it Dick L A


  Paul  Do it  Paul A     Scott   do it Scott A

2nd Place Winners, Moe and Connie:  Connie Moe 1

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  1. You guys are getting to be quite the shuffleboard players!