Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happenings at and Around Pelton Park

Madras, Oregon – 44’ Clear

Judy and I have been busy here at the park this week, but not so busy that we can’t have a good time!  We have gotten the park routine down and things are coming naturally now. 

A good time was had by all.

Tue., Lynne and Jim our co-host invited us down to their place for a fabulous evening meal. Jim is a very talented “Grill Master” we found out. They also invited some fellow workampers assigned to other  PGE Parks. They have all worked together in some fashion in the past. Judy and I enjoyed meeting Richard & Judy, Terry & Rose, and Larry a lot. We owe Lynne and Jim a GREAT Big Thank YOU for hosting a lovely evening.

Jim Ribs     Ribs 2

Ribs3  Larry provided the entertainment    ribs 4 larry

 Training at PGE’s Timothy Lake Lodge, Mt. Hood National Forest

Wed. and Thurs. Judy and I, along with approx. 30 other workampers attended PGE’s annual training for workampers. The usual topics were  covered; safety,first aid,park policies, and how to interact with campers when things seem to be going “south”.  The presenter for the going south portion was very good and a dynamic speaker. He was Ranger Kevin(Showtime) P., a parks supervisor with Oregon State Parks.

Training 1       training 2

training 3 Kevin Price     Training Lodge pic

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping By.

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  1. Sounds like PG&E is very thorough with the workampers. Glad you're loving the area!

  2. Once again,you are making workamping look very attractive, especially all the camaraderie with fellow volunteers.