Friday, May 16, 2014

Day Trip to Round Butte Overlook

The park Judy and I are working at is a Portland General Electric (PGE) Park. PGE produces hydroelectric power. The company has a network of power generating dams throughout Oregon.  Lake Simtustus, where Pelton Park is located is formed by Pelton Dam and  Round Butte Dam eight miles south. The lake is fed by the Deschutes River.

Judy and I took some time to drive up to the Round Butte Dam overlook a couple of day ago and were amazed at the beauty. PGE has a day use park that is often rented for weddings and other gatherings. The park is located five hundred feet above Lake Billy Chinook (south side of Round Butte dam – Lake Simtustus is on the north side of the dam.).

Here are a few pics. - “click to enlarge”

Round butte sign        round butte sign 2


rond butte dam 5      Round Butte dam 1  

Round Butte dam 2    Round Butte dam 3

                                                                      Ariel View of Round Butte Dam

round butte dam 7   Round butte dam ariel view

round butte turbine

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