Sunday, October 9, 2016

Workamper Season is Over

Mesa, AZ     H95  L75

When the temps fall to the 20s & 30s, even if it is only at night, it is time to head south.  Our time at Alpen Rose RV Park is now done and we have gone to our winter location for six moths of recreation. Judy and I made some wonderful workamper friends at Alpen Rose this year and hope to see all of them back when we return in April.

Hitched up and Ready to Roll   Alpen 2 Mesa 1

We got a late start Wed. (about noon) from the park but we only planned to drive to the KOA in Holbrook, AZ. The drive was about 270 miles and we arrived about 5:30 PM at the KOA. We did pick up an hour. After a good night rest we left Holbrook at 9:00 AM Thurs to finish the remaining 160 miles to Mesa. Judy and I pulled up in front of our house in Sunland Springs Village at 12:45. We plan to take advantage of the 48 hr RV parking rule to unload most of our stuff off the Fifth Wheel and then take it to the RV storage lot.

Alpen 2 Mesa 4      Good to see the Superstition MTS.

Just arrived Home    Alpen 2 Mesa 5

It didn’t take Judy long to get back into the swing of things, Friday  she was at the Pickle Ball courts by 7:00 AM! Since the temps are still pretty warm they start play around 6:00 AM through Oct. I hope to start playing shuffleboard by Monday.   Judy Pickle ball

* A lot of people ask us, “What is Pickleball?” Click here for an explanation of the game.

Click here for short video.


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  1. We sure miss you guys. We've been active in our park since April and shuffleboard is at 10. Nice. The people are starting to arrive so we're getting to know them as they get here. We hope at some point we'll see you again. Have fun! Good luck in the games.

    1. Dee & jim,
      Glad the storm didn't cause you any trouble. Once the snowbirds show up I bet you will have many new friends and even more fun.

  2. Replies
    1. It is still warm, hot may be a better adjective. Still getting settled in.