Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day Trip: San Juan Mts. Jeeping Excursion

Alpen Rose RV Resort -  Durango, Colorado    L45  H 80

I cannot emphasize  how much Judy and I have enjoyed our workamping experience here at Alpen Rose RV Park.  The area offers unlimited recreational and entertainment opportunities not to mention the best summer climate we have experienced in our five years of summer workamping.

The leadership team at the park has worked hard to ensure that all the workampers have a great workamping experience as well as a fun time. Thanks to managers Joan and Bob and Workamper supervisor, Jim for all you have done.

Recently, Judy and I had the opportunity to join Jim on a jeeping excursion up and over the San Juan Mts in his Jeep Wrangler.  The trip took us from a 6500 foot elevation to a high of 13,400 feet via Forest Service roads open only to 4 wheel drive/off road certified vehicles. Joan and Bob also brought fellow workampers Kay and William on the excursion. They traveled in Joan’s Jeep Commander.  I must add that all the workampers had the chance to take this excursion with the leadership team throughout the season. Most did.

Thanks to Jim (R) and Joan & Bob for a fun day.


Jeepride 2      JeepRide 29 Joan Bob

Below are some pics. (Click to enlarge)

Heading Up

jeepride 3      Jeepride 4


Jeepride 5

Up High

Jeepride 6           Jeepride 7

JeepRide 8         JeepRide 10

JeepRide 12

JeepRide 14      Jeepride 15

JeepRide 24      JeepRide 18

Jeep Ride 11

JeepRide 27    JeepRide 26

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  1. That looks like a fun time! As usual I'm sure pictures doesn't do it justice. A venture of a lifetime.

    1. Dee,
      It kinda made us think about buying a jeep!

  2. Wow! How nice of them to take you up there, a place without a Jeep or 4WD you wouldn't have enjoyed.

  3. I know you had fun. I had a Jeep Commando in the late 60's that I took in the mountains a bunch of fun. Sounds like Colorado is a fun place.