Friday, June 17, 2016

Birthday Celebration 2016

Alpen Rose RV Park, Durango, CO.     H78  L49

Once again my birthday showed up right on time, just like it has for the past sixty six years. As usual Judy worked hard to put together a nice celebration. I don’t know how she can surprise me each year, but she does. She enlisted the help of all of the staff here at the park.

First thing that morning, we went to the park’s “Chuck Wagon breakfast”.  There I noticed posters with my first grade picture and the caption “Guess whose Birthday is today”.  I didn’t get off with just that though.  She also organized a karaoke party and pot luck that evening.  I can truly say that everyone had a great time especially me! Thanks to everyone who made this a BD to remember.

I am posting a lot more pics than normal.  Remember “click” on the pics to enlarge.

Mike, Marc, Hazel & Gina               Karen, Teresa & Sherry

BD 66 Mike Marc Hazel  Gina     Bd 66  Teresa Karen Sherry

Boss Bob serenading me                Jim (singing “GA on My Mind”

BD 66 Boss Bob seranade     BD 66 Jim Bob

Dancing to “GA On My Mind”      Boss Bob & Joan

BD 66 Our Dance     BD 66 Boss Bob Joan

Richard (Texas Boy) Teresa, Byron         Susan & Larry

BD 66 Ric Teresa Byron    BD 66 Larry Susan

 The Workamper Crew                      Teresa, Donna & Ken

BD 66 WK2    BD 66 Teresa Donna Ken

AJ & Bruce, me

BD66 AJ Bruce Jim M     Cake BD 66

BD 66 Jm

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Glad you had a great birthday celebration! Looks like a nice crew to work with.

  2. A late Happy Birthday Jim. Looks like everyone was having a good time.