Monday, April 4, 2016

Snowbird Season is Coming to an End

Mesa, Az   H86  L53

The Meandering Maddoxes time in Arizona is down to just over a week.  Many of the seasonal residents here in Sunland Springs Village have already departed.  Our preps are already under way.

I made the decision a couple of months ago to suspend the blog bacause our daily activities were  going to be so routine, that I didn’t think the blog would be interesting to our regular followers. As for Judy and I, we had a fantastic stay. Our time here is spent mostly having fun in beautiful weather. We have formed many friendships here and look forward to joining back up with our friends in Oct.

Lots to do at Sunland Springs Village   (click pics to enlarge pics)

rec complex         contact_dreamland_pic

ssv pool


Judy has become an avid “pickle ball” player (similar to tennis) and has become very competive at it. Pickle Ball, is the fastest growing sport at “55+ active adult communities. In fact, eight new courts are going to be added during the off season. 

I played lots of shuffleboard at different levels of competition.  Sunland Springs Village’s (SSV) shuffleboard club plays three times per week. I also played with Superstition Sunrise RV Resort’s out of park league one day per week and also the Tournament Player’s League one evening per week. My goal was to make it to the final four in one of the major tournaments. I reached my goal in the last major tournament of the year, “The Easter Bunny Classic”. I took second place. Maybe I’ll make it to first place next year.

Easter Bunny 1      Trophy

Judy and I stay busy the entire time we are here. We also found time for the swimming pool, card playing and social time with our friends.  Judy and I also had visits from RV friends and family members.

Tina, Faye, Scarlett                             Doris & Greg

Tina Faye Skip       Gregg Dorris

Judy and I will not be going back to Oregon this year.  We are going to take the opportunity to visit and work in a different area.  When we leave AZ we will be going to Durango, Colorado. 

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad to see you had a great winter!

    1. Maybe we will see you and George on the road!

  2. Was good seeing the two of you! Be in Durango in about a week.


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