Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Alaskan Cruise Pt3 – The Ship

Madras, Oregon    H72  L56

Note: I have had trouble posting for awhile.

Many people have asked Judy and I many questions about the ship we took on the cruise.  So, I decided to devote a post to the ship. I am not going to get into the engineering statistics because I think pics will answer most of the questions.  One fact that impressed me is, the ship boast over $6,000,000 in art work.

The Celebrity Solstice

AK Ship 1A     AK ship2

Judy and I chose to have a stateroom with a balcony. We found the accommodations to be excellent. Suites are available as well as interior staterooms.

Stateroom 1A        stateroom 2A

Stateroom 5A

Stateroom 3A       Stateroom 4A

Interior Pics

Interior 1A       Interior Casino 1

Interior graphic 1A 

Interior Atrim 2A     Interior shopping 6

Dining (Fine and casual)

Ship Dining 1A      Interior dining 2A

Ship dining 2A

About the Decks

Ship Deck 1A      Decks 1A

Decks 2A

Decks 3A     Decks 6A

The cruise was very enjoyable and there was something for everyone. If you want to “dress up” or dress down, there is a venue for you. On board entertainment had all the bases covered as well. Maybe be Judy and I won’t wait another forty years before we take our next cruise.

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