Saturday, December 6, 2014

Returning to Pelton Park for 2015

Judy and I received a phone call from Portland General Electric’s (PGE) talent acquisition dept. Wed. officially offering us the Camp Host / Maintenance position at Pelton Park in Madras, Oregon.  We are excited to be returning to the park.  We will be returning in mid April 2015.

sunset 7 14 b       Sign Marina

Tue. we had a visit from Terry and Rose, fellow PGE temps like us.  They ran  PGE’s Round Butte Dam Overlook day use area near Pelton Park. They have a home in the nearby community of Queens Creek. I thought they were sixty miles away, but it is only a short 15 miles from us. They dropped by to visit awhile and then we had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Terry suggested that we follow them back to their home to continue our conversation and to show us the way so when we visited again we would know how to get there.  I was surprised at how close they lived from our park. Terry and Rose have a beautiful home. 

terry rose aj 2 A      terry  Rose Aj A

Judy and I are continuing our routine at the park.  We played in our first inter-park shuffleboard match Thurs.  Afterwards, our team hosted a get-together for refreshments with the visiting team.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. We started a blog for our escape from Winter. We will occasionally update the blog as the trip, which starts Dec 7th progresses. Click on DORISNGREGM.BLOGSPOT.COM Below to access blog.

  2. Good for you getting back to Oregon for the summer!

  3. Good for you guys on getting that gig for the summer. We still plan to take that one in Maryland for May/June. Testing the waters.