Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day Trip: Crater Lake

Judy and I headed south Monday to take in the beauty of Crater Lake.  After passing through Bend, Oregon the skies became overcast so we knew we would eventually have some rain to contend with.

We reached Crater Lake at 11:15 AM and used our Senior Pass for free admission into Crater Lake National Park. We drove around the Rim Road stopping at many of the scenic overlooks. The views were fantastic. The skies were overcast initially but eventually there were periods of heavy rain. Did you know that Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States? The lake was created approx 8,000 years ago when the 12,000 ft. high Mount Mazama collapsed after a large eruption.  To learn more about Crater Lake,  CLICK HERE.

Crater Lake Pics (click to enlarge)

crater lake 1      crater lake 4

crater lake 3      Crater Lake 10

Crater Lake 12

The Lovely Judy at Crater Lake Crater lake Judy1

The drive home was filled with heavy rain most of the way.  Just south of Bend the rain and hail was so intense we pulled off the main hwy and parked under an overpass until it let up some. By the time we returned to the park the rain had stopped.

Tue. I took my truck to the Madras Les Schwab tire dealer to determine the cause of the truck’s front end vibration. The tech informed me that the steel tread was separating  from the tire on the left front tire. I replaced both front tires just to play it safe. Sure glad it did not separate while we were driving to Crater Lake and back.

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  1. I'm so glad you had time to check out Crater Lake, sorry you had so much rain. We loved it too.