Thursday, June 5, 2014

Travel Excursion: Sisters Oregon

Judy and I chose to travel to Sisters, Oregon this week for our weekly daytrip.  Sisters is  located only a hour or so SW from the park.  The town gets it name from the three nearby mountain peaks aptly named the “Three Sisters” . All three mountains are still sporting snow covered peaks.  The town’s tourist shopping district is situated on both sides of HWY 126 which runs through the town center.  All of the businesses are required to reflect a 1890’s building motif.

Judy and I walked around and browsed the various shops for a couple of hours.  I don’t dread these outings now that we are living fulltime in the RV because I know Judy is not as inclined to buy every “cute” item she sees.  I was happy to stop in the small pizzeria for a delicious slice of pizza and a cold beer.  

Sisters, Oregon

sisters store front        sisters furn

three-sisters-mountains 1

We did have a small bit of excitement this past weekend.  Judy and I went into Madras Saturday before our afternoon shift.  As we were driving back to the park, Judy noticed an emergency vehicle approaching rapidly from behind us.  It passed us at a high rate of speed. It was a fire dept SUV with its siren on and lights flashing. As it passed us, I jokingly said, “I hope our RV is not burning”.  As it continued to speed away from us we saw it turn left on Pelton Dam Road.  Once we reached the turn, the SUV was out of our view because of its speed.  As we reached the gate to access our “host site”, two small forestry fire trucks passed by.  I failed to mention that as we left the park we noticed that a worker from the nearby marina was burning trash or debris in a 55 gal drum on a vacant lot that backed up to a steep canyon wall.  I hopped on my “gator” and went to check it out.  The area was a quarter mile away and I could not see it from the RV.  Once I arrived,  the crews of the two fire trucks were busy putting the fire out.  The fire in the drum had been left unattended.  That is a BIG NO NO here.  If it had not been spotted by an observant camper when it was, the fire would have spread rapidly up the dry brush covered canyon wall and spread “like a wild fire”. Thankfully, it was contained to a small area.

A quick response by the Firefighters

fire 1

That is all for today.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Good thing the fire was spotted and contained when it was. That's the kind of excitement that no one wants!