Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Update: Jan. 24, 14

Judy and I were busy this week with the administrative task that I recently mentioned.  After a two hour visit to the local Avon Park DMV Judy’s CRV, my truck, and the RV are now titled and licensed in Florida. We also now have Florida drivers licenses and  are registered to vote. Paula, the DMV representative was extremely professional and friendly, making this the most enjoyable visit to a DMV office that I have ever experienced.

Judy joined the Adelaide Shore’s bowling group on Wed. She did pretty good for not having bowled in about thirty years!

Judy and Kathleen are ready to bowl.             Judy in action!!Judy Kathleen          judy bowling

Friday we Joined Jim and Dee for a visit to the National UDT/SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, FL.

Seal Musem 1      Seal Musem 2

The life boat that Capt. Phillips was held hostage in by 3 Somali pirates.  The pirates were taken out by SEAL snipers and Capt. Phillips was rescued.

S M Life Boat 4

SM Medal 6        P1240014

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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