Thursday, August 17, 2017

Celebrating 50th Anniversary

Alpen Rose RV Park, Durango, CO        H77 L58

Judy and I were privileged to help celebrate Bob and Joan’s 50th Anniversary this past weekend. Bob and Joan have been the managers here at Alpen Rose RV Park for the past 17 years. The workampers do not need much of a reason to have social get- togethers,  but all agreed this was truly a special event.

Bob and Joan’s 50th anniversary 

      workamper 21    workamper1

workamper bob b

Plenty of good food 

brisket      workamper 22

Having fun

workamper 19     workamper 23 

workamper 24   workamper 25a

Judy and I thought it would be nice to include pics of all the workampers that contribute to Alpen Rose’s success as the number one RV Park in Durango..


Bob and Joan                                Big Jim (workamper sup.)

workamper1                  workamper 14


Marilyn & Ken                                                         Jack & Debbie

wrkamper2        workamper 3 

            Dotti & Wade                                                    Steve & Laura

workamper 4     workamper 5   

      Dana & Dennis                                                 Haze & Mark

workamper 6                    workamper 12

     Cory & Shannette                                                       Donna & Ken (15 years!)

workamper 13         workamper 17

   Bruce  & Alpha Jean (AJ)                                         Jim& Judy

wrkamper 7               workamper 8

        Joe  &  Collette                                                     Lou Ann & Bob

workamper 18         wrkamper 15

It takes a large staff to provide all the services to guest here at Alpen Rose. The workamper staff brings a multitude of skills from their previous careers. The season is slowly winding down and soon the staff will be back on the road heading to different locations throughout  the country.

Alpen Rose Sign A

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Monday, July 24, 2017

It Has Been Awhile

Alpen Rose RV Park, Durango, CO.        H 84  L 58

Yes, I know it has been a l o n g time since I have fired up the lap top and written a Blog Entry.  Judy and I have been busy here, and are enjoying our workamping job at Durango’s number one rated RV park. We have gotten in plenty of the numerous area sights and tourist attractions. 

Judy and I look forward to socializing frequently with our workamping colleagues. We don’t need much of a reason to get together!

Remember “click” to enlarge pics.

 Get2gether1       get2gether2

 Judy has kept her “Pickleball” game strong by playing frequently at the Durango Rec Center. Judy and her fellow workamper friend, Dotti, recently  won the Gold in a tournament they participated in.

PBturnament5      PBturnament4   

Judy’s sister Sheila and her husband Ron were in Durango last week.  It was very nice having them visit us here. Judy and I hope we did a good job showing Sheila and Ron the area. We took a ride to Ouray CO via the “Million Dollar HWY”.  Sheila and Ron quickly understood why it is one of the most dangerous drives in the country.  Click here to learn more about the Million Dollar HWY

mdh3      MDH2


Just a little Maddox news. Our son Jason, an ICU nurse at a major hospital in Portland, Oregon recently joined the US Naval reserve as a LTjg in the Nurse Corps. He is not new to naval service, Jason served five years as an Electronics Technician (ET2)  aboard the submarine USS Rhode Island SSBN 714. Afterwards he earned his BSN from Georgia College & State Univ.

Jason usnr  

Our time here is half over, although it doesn’t seem like it. Only one more major holiday to go. 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

A Scenic Spring Dive to Silverton, Colorado

Durango, Colorado      H70 L37

It has been a month since Judy and I pulled into Apen Rose RV Park for our workamping season.  All of us here have been busy getting the park ready for all the RVers who will be spending time here. Most will stay for 3 or 4 days but we have a sizable number that will stay a  few months with us. So far attendance is up 7% over this time last year. Last year was the busiest year the park had ever recorded.

Judy and I took our first drive up to Silverton, Co yesterday. Silverton was a busy mining town back in the 1880’s. Tourism has replaced the mining economy now. We enjoy making the drive up to Silverton because the scenery is absolutely stunning no matter the season. Most of the shops are still closed but one our favorite eateries, “The Handlebar Restaurant” was open. Most all the businesses will be open on Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Some of our pics; Click image to enlarge.

Drive to Silverton

silverton ride 1      Silverton Ride 2

silverton ride 3      Silverton CO

Animus Valley and Animus River

Animus Valley 1      animus Valley 2

Animas River 1      Animus River 2

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back In Durango, CO

Alpen Rose RV Resort, Durango, CO.     H65  L30

Although I have not written much about our Snowbird season (Oct-Apr) it was a very active time for Judy and I. Judy and I are busy almost daily during this time with a variety of recreational activities and social get-togethers.  I played in 13 shuffleboard tournaments and Judy was on the pickle ball courts daily and was my shuffleboard partner when I needed a female partner for mixed doubles SB tournaments.  She has informed me she is not going to be my partner next year.

Staying Busy in AZ:

Judy Pickle ball      Easter bunny 2017

ssv sb babquet1

western org mtg[4]       bbq2

bbq1     Ball game

We took our RV out of storage last Tue evening and brought it to our house and made travel preps Wed. We headed out Thurs.  Judy determined that one day RV prep time is not enough so we will plan on a two to three day prep period for next year.

getting ready 1

Although our trip to Durango, Co is only 450 miles, we split it into a two days drive. We stayed in Holbrook, AZ Thurs night at the Petrified Forest KOA.  It is just off I40. The drive is very scenic from the desert up through the Rim Country of northern AZ. 

On the way to Holbrook, AZ we saw an accident which left an 18 wheeler in a field.     20170413_142049

Leaving Friday morning we drove the remaining 268 miles to Durango via Gallup, Shiprock and Farmington NM into Colorado. Durango is only 45 miles from Farmington. We pulled into Durango at 2:30PM. Unlike last years snowy and rainy arrival at Alpen Rose RV Park the weather was sunny and warm. Our workamper neighbors from last year, AJ and Bruce arrived the day before and were waiting for us as we pulled into our site. We had a long welcome-back break and then Judy and I unhitched the RV and began getting settled. Our workamping season (Apr –Oct) for 2017 is on.


Happy Hour

 WK social 1     wk social 2

Memorial for the “ The Texas Boy”

Richards Mem 1     Richards Mem 2

20170417_071104                        Texas Boy

 Gone But Not Forgotten

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