Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bend Rendezvous with Blogger Friends

A standard good bye phrase used by many Full-Time RVers is, “ see you down the road”.  We use the phrase because we have such a diverse travel itinerary that we don’t know when or were our paths will cross again.  Since Judy and my travel this year brought us 3600 miles west to Madras, Oregon, we knew the possibility of seeing  any of our full-time RVing friends would be very small.  Possible though none the less. In fact, we have had the opportunity to meet with not one but three, Dee and Jim (Tumbleweed), Mr. and Mrs. Gross -regular campers at Blanton Creek cg where we hosted for two seasons in GA. and this week with Pam and Vic ( How neat is that?

Pam contacted me through the blog last week, informing me that she and Vic were living in Bend, Oregon and suggested a get together before we leave the area.  We last saw them in early Nov. 2013 at a ACOE park in GA. (read about it here).  Pam suggested lunch in Bend at the “Pine Tavern” . As a bonus we also were joined by BJ and Mike, RVers from IL who were visiting Pam and Vic. The conversation is always excellent when meeting with Pam and Vic.  They explained their motivation for taking a break from the road. You can read about their decision in their blog. 

Once we all gathered at the tavern, we were informed it would be a short wait before seating would be available outside.  No problem, Pam had a great suggestion, she walked us over to a nearby chocolate shoppe! YUMMY. We returned to Pine Tavern just as our table became available. The restaurant has been around since 1936 and over looks “Mirror Pond”. It also has a pine tree in the dining room that the structure is built around, hence the name, Pine Tavern.

Bj Judy Pam  BJ,Pam,and Judy getting a little chocolate

Over a delicious lunch Pam and Vic informed us of some great attractions to visit when in Bend. Pam told us about their visit to a local wine shop-Naked Winery Tasting Room with so much exuberance that I know Judy and I will be stopping by it on our next visit. I am not sure it was the wine talking. It seems the marketing strategy may stimulate ones imagination. I am not going any further with this.

Lunch on the patio of Pine Tavern    Tavern Mike Vic

Pine Tavern 1  Pine Trees in dining area

Snagged from the internet

Pine tavern 2     pinetavernoutdoors

It was a wonderful reunion and we look forward to our next visit.  Judy and I extended an invitation to Vic and Pam to bring their kayaks up to Pelton Park for a day trip and a rustic lunch at Roxy’s cafe with us before we have to head south.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Pittock Mansion – Portland, Oregon

Madras, Oregon

Monday we took a trip to Portland to visit with our son, Jason.  Judy wanted to visit the Pittock Mansion there. The weather was about as nice as it gets and it made for a wonderful day to go sightseeing.

The mansion was built by Henry and Georgiana Pittock. Henry made the journey by wagon train from Pennsylvania in 1853. He married Georgiana (age 15), in 1860. That same year he bought the weekly “Oregonian” newspaper and transitioned it into a daily paper.  It is still the main newspaper of Portland today. For a more complete description of the mansion and history CLICK HERE.

Here are a few pics. (click to enlarge)

Pittock Mansion, Portland Oregon

Pittock Mansion Front      Pittock Mansion Back

Pittock Music    Pittock Dinning RM

Pittock Library    Pittock Ginger Bread

Pittock View

Judy, Jason and I ended the day with a visit to Ruth's Chris Steak House. This is a stop that Judy wanted to make for a long time. The steak dinner did live up to the hype. I can’t say it topped our dinning experience at "The Cattleman's Steakhouse" near El Paso, TX though.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The High Desert to a Lava River to a Waterfall

Tue Judy and I once again accompanied our friends Terry and Rose on another road trip at their invitation. The reason we are able to continue with our weekly road trips is because we now have another host couple working with us at the park. Clark and Nancy have been on board for two weeks. They will be with us until the park closes.

The first stop on our journey was McKenzie Pass . The hwy through the pass is a favorite of cyclist and sightseers. This area of Oregon has experienced many geological upheavals through the ages. Volcanic activity is evident throughout the drive. The last major event dates back 1,500 years ago. The “lava river” covers 65 square miles. We stopped at the Dee Wright Observatory(click on link for more info) on the 5335ft summit of the pass. Many of the highest Cascade Mountain peaks are visible from here.

A few pics (click to enlarge)

Mckinzie pass sign     Lava Flow 1

 Dee Wright sign    Dee wright observatory 1

dee wright portal 2     Lava Rver 1

       Judy and Rose                                                 Two of the Thee Sisters Mts

Rose Judy     The Sisters Mt

Mt. Washington  

MtWashingtonBigLake      Mt Wash sumit 1

Once we left McKenzie Pass we drove to the next attraction, Sahalie Falls (Click). It is the highest of three waterfalls in the area.  A nice viewing area made it easy to get close to the falls.


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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The End Must be Near, The End of the Season

Judy and I attended PGE’s end of year“get together” for their campground and day use host Monday at Timothy Lake Lodge near Mt. Hood. The last time we were here for orientation in late April it was snowing and cold.  The weather Monday was beautiful with sunny skies and a mild 75’. 

Unfortunately, the only time we get together with the most of the “Host” is on these two occasions.  We had a good time sharing stories about our summer season. A nice catered lunch was provided by our boss Tony and side dishes and deserts were brought by the attendees.  Judy took a dish of “Watergate salad”. 

Here are a few pics;

Timothy Lodge PGE Lodge

PGE 2014 EOY 1     PGE EOY Lindsey 1

Judy and Lindsey  PGE EOY 2014 Lindsey Judy

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day Trip: Headwaters of the Metolius River

Published from Roxie’s Cafe, on the banks of Lake Simtustus – Madras, Oregon

Judy and I joined with Terry and Rose, the PGE “host” at nearby Round Butte Dam day use park for a day trip to the headwaters of the Metolius River on Tuesday.  Terry drove the back roads that I did not know existed! Many of them were dirt forest service roads.

In route they gave us a tour of “ The Cove Palisades SP”, where Rose worked for about ten years. The next stop was “Balancing Rock” hiking trail. I saw it a week earlier but it was Judy’s first visit. Much of the area still bears the scars of a wildfire in 2002.  After some short distance hiking we continued the drive to Camp Sherman SP where the headwaters of the Metolius are.

Stop at Balancing Rock Trail (click pics to enlarge)

Metolius River From balancing rock trail  Metolius Bal RK

Mt. Jefferson from Balancing rock ( notice wildfire damage from 2002)  Mt Jef frm B RK

What shapes do you see? Bal Rock Shapes

We took a short break at Camp Sherman before we went to the headwaters viewing station.  The view is not very impressive until you consider that the water bubbling out of the ground is the source of a river that flows thirty or so miles to an impoundment that forms the large lake, Lake Billy Chinook.  Some of the best fly-fishing in the country takes place on the Metolius River.  After some relaxing time at Camp Sherman we went to the Wizard Ridge Fish Hatchery. 

Headwaters of the Metolius River

Metolius Marker      MetoliusMap

The Metolius begins here Metolius Spring  

Metolius head waters





       It doesn’t take long until a river forms

The proof of being there photo!  Metolius Judy Terry Rose

Chip and Dale  We also crossed paths with Chip and Dale

Wizard Ridge Fish hatchery 

Wizzard Hatchery sign       Wizzard Hatchery fish

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